Going towards e------commerce!

DirekChannel is also engaged in e-commerce mostly on auto parts and electronic products. Our first container of brake pads were shipped in 2001 and a few months later a container of oil filters arrived in Toronto.

Now everything is done through e-commerce!

Our Products:

1. Wholesale on after-market consumeable auto parts, such as brake pads and oil filters, minimum quantity required.

For quotes, you may email your product name, model and quantity to: joe@direkchannel.com

2. Looking for a deal on auto parts? Check with us. We have odd parts, performance parts or special parts. We don't have everything, but we might have what you are looking for!

For any inquiry, you may email your product name and model to: michael@direkchannel.com

3. Wholesale or retail of small electronic products, such as electronic lighters, fashion ear buds, or even android boxes.

For any such inquiry, you may email to: edward@direkchannel.com